Bikini Lines & Brazilians / Hollywood’s

Based in Bristol I offer clients a variety of waxing treatments including Bikini, Brazilian and Hollywood waxing. I offer a comfortable, friendly, professional and affordable price. Indeed I appreciate that these treatments can be daunting, but I have a knack of making people feel comfortable.

Bikini Waxing Bristol:

Are you after based in Bristol?! If so, why not visit me in Whitchurch for your next Bikini wax?! Here is how it works:

After a cleaning process, a high quality warm wax is applied up to the pant line, followed by hair removal.  This simple yet careful procedure is approached with professionalism and attention to detail as the finishing results include a clean, smooth hair-free line that is located on the outer sides of your pants. Your hair needs to be about 1/4″ long so the wax can grab it. If you have been shaving or using a hair removal cream, you will need to let the hair grow a bit before you get your bikini wax.  Bikini waxing is a fabulous way to reveal your sexy, sassy side and would help you look your best for those summer holidays’ swimwear dilemmas.

Brazilian & Hollywood Waxing Bristol 

If you live in around Bristol, why not consider my Brazilian or Hollywood wax, here is how it works:

For a smooth, clean feeling down below, then I highly recommend my Brazilian waxing for those who think less is best. This procedure is handled with care and professionalism as it involves the removal of pubic hair from the perineum and vulva (labia majora and mons pubis ). It can be thought of as an extreme form of bikini waxing . Most forms of Brazilian waxing leave a small line of pubic hair above the vulva , commonly known as the “landing strip”.  Or for a completely bare look, consider a “Hollywood” wax.  Perfect for holidays in your favourite bikini, the results can last anywhere from ten days to three weeks, with no maintenance. I offer premium support and care to all clients and respect an individual’s privacy and decency to a high standard.

Why Get A Bikini, Brazilian or Hollywood Wax?

  • Will help skin look naturally smoother
  • Hair will grow back softer (none of that horrible stubbly feeling)
  • Waxing lasts between 4 – 6 weeks
  • Hairs become sparser over time
  • Hair becomes finer and weaker
  • Look Great in Your Swimwear

I take great pride in my ablity to make people feel comfortable when giving these waxing treatments, I understand it can be daunting. I have been doing waxing here in Bristol  for many years and will put you at ease. So if you are from Bristol or the surrounding areas and can visit me at my Whitchurch Treatment room, then please do give me a call to arrange an appointment.


Bikini Line £8
Hollywood £20
Brazilians £20

Sheridan is a fantastic professional. She is friendly and welcoming, and offers a great range of treatments. You are put at ease straight away and can be left to enjoy the experience and high level of service she provides. I wouldn’t want to go to anyone else.

Aftercare Adivce

  1. Don't wear tight clothing for 24 hours after your treatment, bring loose clothing to your appointment.
  2. No sunbeds or sun exposer for 24 hours
  3. Do not use highly scented shower gel for 24 hours
  4. No hot bath's or showers for 24 hours
  5. Apply antiseptic cream to the waxed area regularly for 2~3 days after the treatment. Always wash your hands before applying any products.
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