Womens Waxing Bristol

Working out of my Whitchurch studio, Bristol, I offer waxing services for women. My point of difference is I offer an extremely professional and thorough service at an affordable rate. All the standard waxing treatments are available (as detailed in the price-list) and I have years of experience with all areas, ensuring your treatment will be as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Any part of the body that can be waxed. The area is cleansed before starting, the skin is pulled tight by the person receiving the treatment and by the therapist, and the wax is then applied and removed as quickly as possible keeping pain to the minimum. Once the treatment is complete soothing anti-septic cream is applied. Ideally it is best not to shave for at least 3 weeks before you have your first wax, as the wax will take to the hair better…..leaving a nice smooth finish. I recommend a wax every 5-6 weeks and remember the more you wax the less often you will need to see me.

Based in Bristol I offer a variety of women’s waxing services including: underarm, Brazilian / Hollywood, upper lip, chin, legs & much more (see price-list for more details).

The Benefits of Waxing

  • Will help skin look naturally smoother
  • Hair will grow back softer (none of that horrible stubbly feeling)
  • Waxing lasts between 4 – 6 weeks
  • Hairs become sparser over time
  • Hair becomes finer and weaker

So if you live in the Bristol or surrounding areas and are in need of a wax, please do get in touch. I look forward to meeting you and taking care of your waxing needs.


½ leg from toes to over knee 10.75
Underarm 6.50
Bikini Line 8.00
High leg 10
Brazilian / Hollywood 20
Upper lip/chin 4.50
Eyebrow 5.25
Forearm 6.50
Full arm 8.50

As you know I have verbally recommended you to many people over the years as I think you are truly the best! I’m so pleased you asked me to put my recommendation to you in writing for your new website because now more people will get the Sher experience!

Aftercare Adivce

  1. No hot baths or showers for 24 hours
  2. No sunbeds or sun exposer for 24 hours
  3. Do not use highly scented shower gel for 24 hours
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