Men’s Spray Tans

Based in Bristol?! Are you a man in need of or considering a spray tan?! Then why not pop over to my home based Whitchurch treatment room. Using the best quality spray tan (Sienna X) I have been giving men spray tans now for many years. Indeed, I understand the importance of factoring in the colour you are after as well as the colour that will suit your skin tone.

Here at Health Within, I strive to produce a healthy natural glowing complexion for those who want to look their best for any occasion. Spray tans are increasingly popular for the men of Bristol as nothing beats that radiant, golden holiday tanned appreance. Spray tans are a unique way of gaining this without the dangers of the sun’s harsh UV rays, so you can achieve that long-lasting, bronzed tan without affecting  your health. So whether you have a night out in Bristol or London planned with the lads, a session at the gym or adding a touch of colour before your holiday, whatever the occasion, fake it don’t bake it.


Why Get a Spray Tan.

  • Avoids the risk of skin damage or cancer
  • Achieve a natural, golden glow within minutes
  • Appear younger, healthier and more vibrant
  • Get the shade of your choice
  • I cater my tan levels to suit your skin tone.

Sprays tans work on the outer layers of your skin. The products contain DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) which reacts with the amino acids in your skin and the oxygen in the air causes your skin to turn brown. Different skin types react in different degrees to the solution, so I have a range of strengths that can be used to achieve different depths of tan. The tanning reaction takes about 6 to 8 hours to develop.

So if you are based in Bristol and in the need of a spray tan, please do give me a call. I pride myself on my friendly quality treatments and affordable prices.


Full Body £20
Half Body £10

As you know I have verbally recommended you to many people over the years as I think you are truly the best! I’m so pleased you asked me to put my recommendation to you in writing for your new website because now more people will get the Sher experience!

Aftercare Adivce

  1. Exfoliate your body 24hours prior to your appointment and moisturise once a day 24hrs after your treatment
  2. Avoid any perfumes or lotions for 12hours after your treatment
  3. Wear black, loose clothing to your treatment
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